With dozens of food items in stores all over the world we feel qualified to say: it pays to be different.

At Foodlab, we discovered that in order to develop tastier and more nutritious foods, with full production feasibility, we have to think a bit different. With our head in the clouds and feet on the ground, we know best how to catch dreams and transform them into products, as fast and efficiently as possible.


So how is such an advanced and professional food innovation hub lead by two slightly crazy food scientists? Apparently, there is no other way.



As a former fighter pilot who decided to become a chef, Gil’s passion for food is a lifetime mission. Gil combines culinary art with food science to create innovative and nutritious foods. In the past 15 years, Gil has been involved in dozens of new food product developments around the globe including Israel, the USA, Europe and China. As Founder of Foodlab Consulting and fueled by his strong entrepreneurship spirit, Gil is constantly seeking new products and ideas.


Co- founder

Out of his home kitchen, Yoel initiated a journey full of tastes and flavors, establishing the “Olivia” company, a leading sauce and spreads manufacturer in the Israeli market. Following the acquisition by Tnuva, Yoel joined the company as Head of R&D. As a leading food scientist, he joined forces with Gil to establish Foodlab Consulting, as the perfect place to transform his customers culinary dreams into edible ones.


R&D, Lab manager

Aviv’s love for culinary arts began in her mom’s kitchen. Aviv studied Food Science at Academic and Technology College of Tel-Hai, aiming to combine culinary arts with science. At FoodLab, Aviv is the master of all trades: develops innovative food products, operating lab’s equipment & manages the daily routine. All done with a smile. Ethanol is Aviv’s favorite molecule, from alcohol making to new alcoholic beverage development. She dreams to establish a brewery in the future.


Our solutions are unconventional and originate from decades of experience and multidisciplinary knowledge in the food industry.
Their uniqueness allows our partners from major food corporations to young start-ups to achieve prominent status.

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